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Jockey Carol Griffin & Alex
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 Carol Griffin and Alex. Although they have not met in person, they are kindered spirts. Both are Superstars. Carol lives on Staten Island and is a musician. Alex was a very successful show horse before joining the HALTER family. 

What drew you to become a HALTER Jockey?

One of my dearest friends, Eileen Deehan, (an instructor at HALTER) made me aware years ago about the many blessings of places like HALTER and I wanted to do what I could to help HALTER raise money. They do amazing work improving lives of those that come into contact with them.

 Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I am a volunteer DJ and Radio show host at MakerParkRadio On occassion I perform with my band The Carol Griffin Trio (with my friends Bill O'Brien and Dave Dragos) and then there is the 9-5 salary generating job of being a Data Analyst for a wonderful Company (just got hired and we're in the honeymoon stage - we both hope the love never ends).

ABOUT 2021 Derby

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EVERY child who participates at HALTER depends on the generosity of our donors, because the fees that are charged to individuals only cover 11% of the expenses.

  • We provide services to 100 children, with challenge, per week

  • Maintain 12 horses

  • 25 acre facility

Name Date Amount Comments
Anonymous Friend 05/01/2021 $26.06  
Erin Brown 05/01/2021 $26.06 Come on Carol - use those pipes and finish strong! ? Xo ?
Jeanne Molter 04/30/2021 $51.80 Blessings to everyone
Erin OMalley 04/30/2021 $103.30 Cheers to Carol and all the jockeys and their horses!
Eileen Deehan 04/30/2021 $26.06 Look at you go!!! Thank you Carol for your amazing support! xo
Carol Griffin 04/29/2021 $20.91 Money was given to me by Keryl who sends his regards to you Eileen!
Kenna McLarty 04/29/2021 $10.61 Thank you for being a Jockey!
Anonymous Friend 04/28/2021 $51.52  
Susan Fanelli 04/26/2021 $206.28 Run fast, Alex!! You need to catch up!
Pam Talley 04/26/2021 $20.91  
Karyn Chapman 04/26/2021 $102.02 Go Alex go!! Love and hugs Aunty Karyn
Carol Griffin 04/26/2021 $103.30 Let’s go Alex!!!
Mary Dove 04/25/2021 $257.78 God bless everyone at HALTER and the miraculous work you do! Love to all of you! :-)
Mary Beth & Dave McDonough 04/24/2021 $103.30 So proud of Eileen and all the good work she does. Good luck Carol! ?
  Total $1,109.91  
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