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What drew you to become a HALTER Jockey? 

The impact HALTER had on my niece.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

William J. Gray is a lifelong resident of Spartanburg and graduate of Clemson University and UNC Charlotte. As a Principal and Spartanburg Office Director at McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture, https://www.mcmillanpazdansmith.com,  William has been heavily- involved with the design and development of several key projects that make up Spartanburg’s current advancement.

Through the years, William has also been involved in several community-focused organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, the Chapman Cultural Center, Boy Scouts of America, the Spartanburg Day School, and the Rotary Club of Spartanburg. He and his wife, Kristin, a labor and employment litigation attorney with Ford & Harrison, have found Spartanburg to be the perfect place to raise their 7-year-old daughter Lenora.

FUN FACTS: My wife and I got married in Las Vegas (it was planned – we did not elope) I was named after my grandfather, Billy Joe. Seriously, that was his name on his birth certificate. He was raised on a farm in Summerville, and he was the first to graduate college in his family. When he graduated, the College of Charleston forced him to legally change his name to William Joseph before they would award him a degree; hence my name William Joseph Gray. I’ve run several full marathons, including the Boston and New York. I am an Eagle Scout. I've been to over 40 concerts by the same band. (Intentionally leaving out detail) Cousin of Robert Sydney "Hurricane" Hazle, Major League Baseball player and 1957 World Series Champion.

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EVERY child who participates at HALTER depends on the generosity of our donors, because the fees that are charged to individuals only cover 11% of the expenses.

  • We provide services to 100 children, with challenge, per week

  • Maintain 12 horses

  • 25 acre facility

Name Date Amount Comments
Lisa Goings 05/01/2021 $26.06  
Laura Day 05/01/2021 $77.55 From Laura and Rick
Anonymous Friend 05/01/2021 $213.49 In honor of our fabulous jockeys and the precious young people who love HALTER and benefit from its programs
Joe C. Mullinax 05/01/2021 $100.00  
Ed Barganier 05/01/2021 $104.37  
William Gray 04/30/2021 $103.30  
Kenna McLarty 04/29/2021 $10.61 Thank you for being a Jockey!
Fern Powell 04/29/2021 $506.06 Go William!
Linda and Bob Leeper 04/28/2021 $104.37 Thank you for your hard work, William!
Dell Prater 04/28/2021 $51.80 Go, William!!
Christopher George 04/28/2021 $50.00  
JARVIS JONES 04/28/2021 $206.28 Great guy, Great organization!
Anonymous Friend 04/27/2021 $260.46 Donation made on behalf of McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture.
Shiny & G-Daddy Starnes 04/27/2021 $51.80 Proud of you William, and all you do to give back.
Russell Bannan 04/27/2021 $26.06  
Anonymous Friend 04/27/2021 $103.30 In honor of all of the wonderful volunteers at HALTER
Jenny Arnold 04/27/2021 $26.06  
Mary Dunlap 04/27/2021 $36.35  
Melissa France 04/26/2021 $103.30  
Catherine Day 04/26/2021 $103.30 Lilly, your Day great grandparents in heaven are proud of you, and William ,Grand-momma and Daddy Day are smiling at you!
Meredith Cross 04/26/2021 $51.80  
Jansen Tidmore 04/26/2021 $52.34 They don’t come much better than William. Anything to support him.
Frances Davis 04/26/2021 $26.06  
Susie & Gary Vitaris 04/26/2021 $104.37 Go William! ?
Marshall Jordan 04/26/2021 $51.80  
Luke Sims 04/26/2021 $51.80  
Susan Baker 04/25/2021 $26.06 Halter is a great organization. Thank you for what you are doing!
Virginia Pryor 04/25/2021 $51.80  
Elizabeth Switzer 04/25/2021 $206.28 Best of luck!
Susan Gray 04/24/2021 $309.27 We love HALTER and are grateful that William is supporting this fabulous group because of its impact on his niece, Lily.
William Gray 04/24/2021 $515.24  
  Total $3,711.34  
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