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Jockey Loretta Grna & Mick
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 What drew you to become a HALTER Jockey?

  I found myself with a lot of time on my hands after my youngest son went to college. I had done some small fund raising projects with Halter through my work at Kohler. I joined Halter as a volunteer and began seeing the magic that happens between the horses and riders. I thoroughly enjoy my time at Halter and want to help provide this experience to children in need. 

 Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a mother who has raised 2 sons who are now in college. I am very proud of the men they have become! I have worked for Kohler Company as an Engineering Manager for 34 yrs. I love animals, being active outdoors, and travel.


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EVERY child who participates at HALTER depends on the generosity of our donors, because the fees that are charged to individuals only cover 11% of the expenses.

  • We provide services to 100 children, with challenge, per week

  • Maintain 12 horses

  • 25 acre facility

Name Date Amount Comments
Lynn and Jaymie 05/01/2021 $1,030.18  
Loretta Grna 05/01/2021 $412.26 This has been such a positive, feel good event. Thank-you so much to all of the donors!! Kudos to all the Jockeys and God Bless Halter!!
Darlene Porter 05/01/2021 $103.30  
Anonymous Friend 04/30/2021 $26.06 You're crushing it! Thank you for what you're doing for HALTER.
Joseph Brown 04/29/2021 $100.00 We really appreciate your hard work, and hope this donation helps.
Kenna McLarty 04/29/2021 $10.61 Thank you for being a Jockey this year!
John Kohler 04/28/2021 $1,500.00  
Vincent Grna 04/27/2021 $20.91 We as a family enjoy walking our dog Brody but now mom has upgraded to walking horses! So proud of your dedication to helping those in need. What a great organization Halter is. Love you and keep up the good work!
Loretta Grna 04/26/2021 $56.00 Thanks to Erin and all other kind souls who gave me cash donations!! Thanks so much for supporting Halter!!
Therese DeMars 04/26/2021 $103.30  
Bea Walters Smith 04/26/2021 $51.80 HALTER is an outstanding organization!
K Murray 04/25/2021 $26.06 Positive & Beautiful work. God Bless All. <3
Nicholas Grna 04/25/2021 $31.20 A very good program for kids in need. Very proud of you mom for tirelessly volunteering for the children and with this organization
Craig Brooks 04/25/2021 $51.80 You're amazing!
Nola Pearce 04/25/2021 $103.30  
Jesse White 04/24/2021 $515.24 Thanks to all the AWESOME HALTER volunteers who support the program! Love, Landon
SIDNEY DEVAUL 04/24/2021 $180.54  
Joe & Marlene Hathaway 04/24/2021 $1,030.18 We appreciate what you are doing Loretta, and we see a great benefit to equine therapy for these children! Keep it up!!!
Amy Squires 04/24/2021 $26.06 So proud of you Loretta!❤️
Susanne Herrera 04/24/2021 $36.35  
Alex Brown 04/24/2021 $51.80 Thank you so much for being part of such an amazing volunteer program!
REBEKAH DILL 04/19/2021 $51.80 I would like to donate this money to help Jockey Loretta Grna! I would like to donate this in memory of Bo Beheler, who passed away last April 24th (2020). Loretta and I worked with Bo for many years and loved him so much!
Loretta Grna 04/19/2021 $206.28  
Mildred Roche 04/19/2021 $25.00 Katie loved this program when she was at SCSDB. Thank you to all the volunteers!!!
  Total $5,750.03  
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